Panasonic's Unique LED Technology Showcased in Guangzhou, China

Written By pcbolong on Friday, June 24, 2011 | 7:50 PM

Panasonic took part in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2011, which was held in Guangzhou, China, for four days starting on June 9th. The spatial installation at this exhibition highlighted key features that make Panasonic unique among its competitors. Panasonic has made efforts to strike a balance between "quality of light" and "energy savings" with a combination of various hard and soft technologies that creatively illuminate the environment in order to bring to life a comfortable, yet eco-conscious environment. Panasonic will step up its commitment to the global promotion of its LED lighting; it will shift its product mix with respect to lighting, so that LEDs will comprise over 40% of the global product line-up and over 60% of the product line-up offered in China by 2016.

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is the largest lighting exhibition in China and this year's event marked its sixteenth anniversary. This exhibition, which welcomed roughly 2,600 exhibitors in a venue measuring 200,000m², has become one of the largest lighting exhibitions in the world in terms of both scale and content. This year's exhibition also served as the Asian LED Exhibition, so companies from all around the world gathered to showcase their latest in LED materials, products, and design ideas.

And of course, Panasonic was also an exhibitor. Located in the International Brand section of the exhibition, this year's theme for the Panasonic booth was "LED lighting from Panasonic - the brand you can trust." The contribution of Panasonic's LED lighting to the development of lighting culture around the world was clearly demonstrated in the following three zones:

An Integrated Message from Milano Salone del Mobile and Guangzhou
A part of Panasonic's exhibit from Milano Salone del Mobile which featured a soft and sensitive, yet dynamic illumination unique to Panasonic LEDs was recreated at Guangzhou. The exhibit illustrates the excellent "quality of light" Panasonic has aspired to realize.

Advanced Technology Simulation Zone
In addition to the exhibits highlighting the technology incorporated in straight LED lights, this zone also proposed spatial lighting using Panasonic's "Feu" index, which quantitatively and objectively measures the subjective "spatial brightness" we experience which cannot be expressed by conventional indices such as floor illuminance or lux. The exhibit provided visitors an opportunity to experience the difference in brightness using the Feu index.

Spatial and Product Hands-on Zone
This zone featured a house and office equipped with Panasonic's latest residential and non-residential lighting products scheduled for release in China by 2012. It is a very convincing presentation of how Panasonic's LED lighting is changing the office and home environment, as well as people's lifestyles.

At the Press Conference

At the press conference held on the opening day of the exhibition (June 9), Akihiro Yamamoto, the president of Panasonic Electric Works China Co., Ltd., spoke about the growth of the LED lighting market in China, as well as the increase in consumers' awareness for lighting quality. He further explained how the Chinese government has recognized the reliability of Panasonic's lighting products it has cultivated over the years, explaining it as the reason why the government has adopted Panasonic's LED lighting for numerous national projects. Participation in such projects has enabled Panasonic to penetrate into the Chinese market with its LED lighting. He pledged that while placing reliability as the foremost priority, Panasonic will further accelerate its efforts to bring to life excellent LED lighting as part of its total energy solutions for entire homes, buildings, and towns.

Panasonic will continue to contribute to the creation of a comfortable and energy efficient lighting environment by taking part in a wide range of national and private projects.


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