VI and VIM

Written By pcbolong on Sunday, February 15, 2009 | 7:37 PM

Vi and vim is actually the same, but there are differences between them. Vi and vim is a text editor application on linux, but vi does not have color-hilighting features, so only black and is the second generation of vi that already have color-hilighting features. Ok's lets go happy coding...

Create a new file or open file

Command to create a new file is :
#~$vim nama.file
If nama.file it will not have made a new file called nama.file.
But if nama.file already have, the command will open a file and edit the file. In Vim you can type the name without any file to create a new file, but later when it will exit vim will ask for the file name to save. When you open a file using Vim then you will see many signs the tilde (~) on the left of the page.
And at the bottom of the page will be visible to the information of the file name like this:
"nama.file" 20L,369C

-20L means the file has 20 lines / line
-369C means that the file has 368 character / letter

If the new file at the bottom of the information will look like this:

Enough for today...