Check computer memory use Memtest86

Written By pcbolong on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 | 9:26 PM

Some time I experienced a problem in the computer memory that cause the computer to stop the computer process and more problems that arise when the computer switched on. After testing on several hardware tools, I understand hat computer memory was problems. What I experienced is blue screen of death with the messege is memory corupt.

Memtest86 will only check for memory detected by bios and operating system, are not recognized by bios most likely damaged.

First, download the Memtest86 for floppy version in here . For floppy disk version is very easy for use.

Instalation Memtest86
Tools requirements : Floppy disk and Memtest86 for floppy version
1. Exstract Memtest86

2. Formated the floppy disk

3. Run install.bat
Type the name of floppy diskette drive in Enter target diskette drive :

4. Using Memtest86
Restart the computer than set the boot sequence for booting from diskette.
This is a screenshot of Memtest86

Wait until column PASS to be more than 0, If the memory is damage Memtest86 will show error message like the screenshot.

Thanks be continued


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